Sunday, January 27, 2019

Today I am watching the shop at A Place for the Arts.  It's been snowing off and on and we are supposed to get much more snow in the next couple of days. We have so much snow already, maybe 2 feet on the ground (?).  I am ready for summer!  I think I've had enough winter now!

I have done the commission of a scene from the Swiss alps for my step-daughter and her husband to-be.  Now I will start on another commission for my step-son and his wife.  They lived in Japan for a year and wanted a painting from one of their photos to remind them of  their time there.  Hopefully, this one turns out as well as the Swiss painting.  My children are such world travelers!

I have been doing some small paintings recently, ones that have come together quite fast.  This is great for my motivation.  Here are my two most recent ones.  These are both from outside our window at the bird-feeder. The first one of our resident squirrel, Red, and the other of two purple finches that arrived one day.  Nice to see wildlife out our window!

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