Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Hi all. 

2020 sure has been a strange year.  Everyone has experienced Covid 19 and it's effects on our lives.  Luckily I have not been directly affected.  But it has made me very thankful to be living where I do, in the country, close to a small town and not in a city.  It has not affected my lifestyle to a great degree. However, it has made me even more of a recluse and allowed a lot of painting to be done.  Beautiful things and happy painting!  I hope everyone who reads this was as lucky as me to get through this with no direct consequences.

I have also been very fortunate to have a husband who, over the spring and summer, built me a beautiful little studio/she shed.  He calls it his "pandemic project".

This is the beginning ....

And the finished product!!

He even installed wall easels and a picture hanging system for me.  (I am soooooo lucky)

Here I am enjoying my studio!

And with my trusty sidekick, "Joey".

Glad to share this adventure with you.  I am so enjoying my new space!  

Happy painting!