Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer 2021

 We're into June now and summer is here!  Yippee!  It has been hot and humid and buggy for the past week or so, first black flies, then when it got too hot, the mosquitoes took over and now we seem to have both.  Oh, well, that's summer in Ontario.

I am still posting paintings that I started last summer.  Here is my bird series.  The background of the Canada goose painting has lots of texture in it, although it might not show up in the photos. You can see in the painting of the Blue Jay that it was completed in the fall of 2020.  My favourites of this series are the Owl with it's piercing gaze and the Doves. The Doves painting actually sold at A Place for the Arts when we were still allowed to be open. 

(The Covid19 saga continues, currently waiting for June 14th for things to reopen slowly. The whole province of Ontario has been shut down since sometime in April, I think, you lose track of time.)

Recently I have been concentrating on completing painting sets for the nurseries of my two new grandsons who are due to arrive in June and July 2021.  That has been really fun!  I will have to include some of those in future blogs.

Monday, February 22, 2021

 I need to start to get my blog up to date with my paintings, so I will share my next set of paintings with you. 

I chose to do a series on butterflies.  It seemed like an appropriate subject matter for a beautiful summer, ethereal, just like a summer's day.  I love butterflies, they are so colourful, almost translucent and can be aglow with colour at times.  I wanted to go for a close up look at some of the wing patterns and colours.  

Isn't nature amazing!