Monday, January 26, 2015

This is my new resolution - to post on my blog more consistently.  At my daughter Claire's suggestion, I will use this as my art journal.  I will document how my art is progressing, what my thought processes are and the direction(s) I am tending to go with my art.

Recently I have been doing more abstract paintings.  I started in this direction by going back to an old unfinished painting.  When I started working on it again, I really enjoyed myself and was pleased with the completed work. Now to get it framed.

I also was having trouble getting back to my art after the Christmas break.  At my husband, David's suggestion, I just started a little art piece using techniques which I have enjoyed in the past - collage and mixed media.  So I completed that piece in one afternoon and it worked to get me over the motivational hump!

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  1. Hi Carol! I hope you're still painting! It's hard to keep at it, for sure... I look forward to seeing more of your posts here!